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welcome to Heart Beats

welcome to Heart Beats

Friday, 14 March 2014

Hello! Hello! Hello Alex!!!

A great session again last night, we are always pleased and surprised by how different it is - every time we meet. High points included learning the correct sign for 'punk' (extend fingers from top of head like a mohican hairdo); a soundscape of sunrise that included an array of animal sounds; french horn and ukelele duet; Mark on the agogo bells; Ben's looping antics; and lots of creative leading by all the group.
Next time, we're going for more looping - live and recorded - and a bit of a folky theme. Sign for 'folkie' anyone?

All this without Alex, who is away this month being a Rock Star. We missed you, Mr L.!
So we made this film for you - no apologies about the singing.