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welcome to Heart Beats

welcome to Heart Beats

Thursday, 22 June 2017

Workshop and Performance at Three Ways School.

Scott, John and Naomi are music students from Bath Spa University who've been on placements with the Heart Beats group this year. It's been fun working with them!

When Three Ways , a local SEN school, asked us to come in and do some music, we were thrilled when Scott and Naomi said they could join us...mostly because it was a real-life work experience opportunity for them, but also because they are top class musicians and have so many great ideas. Here's a clip of our planning session.


Last week we went to the school and ran workshops with two groups of post-16 and secondary students, improvising and creating new pieces of music together. Naomi and Scott added harp, saxophone, percussion and vocals, scaffolding the music and making sure everyone was engaged in a truly musical way.

The following morning the two groups performed in assembly to a relaxed and attentive audience.

The pupils enjoyed this experience as much as we did. 'I liked it because I haven't done anything like it before. It was fun to work with professional musicians. I was happy today in assembly. I'd like to try a different instrument next time, maybe a stringed one.'
'I've never played the steel pan before, it's my favourite instrument at the moment.' 
'The people let me have a go myself and be independent.'
'It was really good and interesting. I liked using the iPad because it avoided handache. I liked trying different instruments.'

A member of staff said : 'it was lovely to be able to see all the kid's faces in the group, they just looked so engaged and proud of themselves.'
The music co-ordinator said 'It was a fantastic thing to do, and covered so many aims that we've had for Music this year. 


Monday, 19 June 2017

Celebrating the AllStars Music project

The AllStars project is reaching an end with our mega-celebration, the Giant Jam, coming up on July 2nd.

What are we celebrating? We're celebrating
- hours and hours of live music played by amazing people with extra special powers
- establishing new friendships and connections
- a training programme that made us think hard about what we do and how it works
- some wonderful 'outreach' workshops and performances
- a chance to explore and reflect at the Listening Lounge sessions
- many surprising, fun, and serious moments
- all the volunteers and professionals who have given generously of their time and inspiration
- all the many individuals and grant giving organisations that support our work
- our partnerships with Wells Cathedral School, Spaeda, the Somerset Rural Youth project and Bath Spa University
- all the parents and carers who have supported all the young disabled musicians we work with

There is a lot more to say. This summer we'll be writing up our reports and evaluating the work. Everything we have learned from all the good people we've met along the way will help us to go forward and reach even more people, spread the music and see what is around the corner.