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welcome to Heart Beats

welcome to Heart Beats

Monday, 19 January 2015

the lovely things that people say

I keep bumping into people who have been to our sessions. People even send us messages about the session. We thought we'd put some of these messages on the blog.

It really cheers you up when you hear how much everyone has enjoyed the music...Wendy says
'I would like to share some of the comments from some of the clients that I work with who used to attend Heartbeats. Frequently many of them ask me when is heartbeats going to start again and that they miss it very much.  One particular client said she missed playing the instruments it made her feel happy.  Another client has stressed how he misses making music with other people at heartbeats. We hope that heartbeats will continue to run throughout 2015.'
 Maggie says :'it’s very moving to see how those that struggle to communicate verbally find it so easy to communicate musically with a percussion instrument in their hand and engage with others in an extraordinary way. Their smiles and enjoyment are wonderful to see....'
MJ says 'Heartbeats is a very special group where I can relax and enjoy making music with friends.
Jane, Russ, Alex and Ben make every week fun and we learn different exciting things.
 I am happy to help people with music at Heartbeats. I have learned to play the Hammered Dulcimer and love improvising with Alex. Music always makes me feel good...' 

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