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welcome to Heart Beats

welcome to Heart Beats

Tuesday, 12 May 2015

The AllStars mission statement

About the AllStars project....what we're aiming at..

"Music is a direct presentation of the feelingful dimension of experience"
Intentional sound can be a communication tool for everyone . The ability to improvise and respond is as powerful as good speaking and listening skills.

AllStars is about encounter-based music education. Beneficiaries are young people with special needs, who are in transition in education and from home to independent living.
We know they have a lot to say about themselves, and do this well through music.

We will bring people of all abilities together to play with this core team of 'experts by experience'. A cascaded training model will provide integrated, inclusive experiential learning opportunities. Peer interaction is the key.

We work with live, improvised music.
Improvising music together builds musical progression and communication confidence, regardless of 'ability' . We believe everyone is musical : we will radically challenge perceptions about music , enabling learning from the outlook and approaches of young people with SEN.

'Above all, music is a social art, where playing with and listening to others is the motivation, the experience and the learning process. This is music education by encounter.'

Ah, yes .... and there's the fun bit. too. Quite a lot of fun, in fact.

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