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welcome to Heart Beats

welcome to Heart Beats

Friday, 31 July 2015

Taster sessions are over, and we have a team....

Our summer tasters are over now and we're taking a break until September, when we'll be moving to our new home at "TLC" - the Lawrence Centre.

What have we achieved? Everything we set out to do, we think!

We've welcomed 17 young musicians to our sessions,  9 of whom had never been to a music group with us before.

We said that we would start the AllStars journey by revisiting some of our favourite music-leading tricks and games. It was a chance for us, as team (Jane - Russ- Alex- Geoff - Ben), to get back into our stride.
The themes we've worked with have been starts and stops;  the 'AllStars pre-Glastonbury party'; silence, and listening; get into the groove - and relax.

We wanted the group to begin their journey towards musical progression; throw  in some ideas and begin to shape how we work; and start to form a real group that interacts and has fun.

We wanted to meet new people, and re-establish our great relationship with old friends too. We wanted to meet new students from Wells Cathedral School, and see what this new mix would sound like.

Some quotes from some new group members :
'Absolutely amazing - I was so impressed.'
'It was great fun.'

We have two new volunteer buddies on the team now : Ryan and Katie.
Because they're over 25 they've agreed to take on some extra responsibility.
Katie will be in charge of welcoming and buddying up with the A level students in our group.
Ryan has a special job of supporting Ben, who is so busy running the 'front of house' welcoming everyone and dealing with the paperwork.

And of course, Geoff is with us as our volunteer music leader. Yesterday he led a brilliant re-interpretation of a piece played by the Master Drummers of Ghana that he saw - and met - at Womad last weekend.
And he demonstrated their dance : remarkable!

So there's plenty to look forward to when we get together again in September.

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