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welcome to Heart Beats

welcome to Heart Beats

Monday, 1 February 2016

Inner ear, outer ear

Jackie took a few photos on Saturday :
Rachael leading the improvisation             'I really enjoyed meeting other practitioners and community musicians of all ages and experience.'

Inner ear / outer ear : 'Playing music with others in such a safe, 'polite' environment has made me feel good too.'

The fishbowl 'what a great combination of theory and practice!'

Listening and responding 'Lots of things to reflect on about listening, relational space, timing / contribution.'

Thinking, discussion - 'Makes you think outside the box.' 
Discussing rationale :
‘It’s been great to see some  more of the philosophy and workings behind HeartBeats’

‘all good skills and ideas to bring to my teaching and work in hospitals’
'Brilliant fun. Exceptionally skillful and experienced leaders, thank you.' 

  Some home made instruments - kazoovuzela' - Freedom to allow ourselves, and the group, to express our musicality'     


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