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welcome to Heart Beats

welcome to Heart Beats

Thursday, 15 September 2016

Heart Beats is moving to a new home

We have some news! From the end of September we are moving our Thursday sessions (Heart Beats club, and the Listening Lounge) from the Lawrence Centre to a new venue in Wells.

This venue is Cedars Hall at Wells Cathedral School.
Cedars Hall

This is great news, for two reasons.

Firstly, Cedars Hall is a brand-new state of the art teaching and learning centre built with music in mind. Building the hall has been a long standing project for Wells Cathedral School, and now it is ready to be used.
The hall has wonderful facilities and is accessible, designed with acoustics in mind and - of course! - perfect for playing live music. We shall be on the first floor, in a teaching space with adjoining rooms and observation space for break-out opportunities.

Secondly, the move brings us into a closer partnership with Wells Cathedral School.
Over the years we've offered supported training placements for Wells students, and more recently, staff as well. This has grown to become a vital part of our work as the 'AllStars ensemble' explore improvisation together with the Heart Beats crew, our core group of learning disabled musicians - it's a creative hothouse.

A professional development day with an integrated group

Wells C.S head Elizabeth Cairncross says 'we know that music and the performing arts must be inclusive, not exclusive. With Cedars Hall we will be able to expand our community programme, our teaching, our staff training, and our partnership work.'
Inclusion is everything for us. We do believe that everyone is musical, and that music can change lives.
Most of our group live in the Wells area.The school recognise that Cedars Hall is a significant community asset for Wells and the South West. We're proud to be included.

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