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welcome to Heart Beats

welcome to Heart Beats

Monday, 10 July 2017

How to end - part two : Twelfth Night at the Globe

Throughout the AllStars project, Alex and Jane have been running the Listening Lounge - monthly music mentoring sessions with a mixed group of SEN/D musicians and music students / Graduate Music Assistants.

This safe, small and exploratory group have been integral to the delivery of the project. Ideas for workshops have been investigated and developed. We've chatted, played together, and used all sorts of approaches to interactive improvisation.

We've invented games, written songs, experimented with graphic scores, art and sound, iPads apps, voices, and lots of surprising ideas.

This summer Alex has been in London a lot, as the drummer in the band for Emma Rice's production of Twelfth Night at the Globe Theatre.... ' the Summer of Love' season. We'd spent our session last month exploring drama and music, learning about the play, and impersonating the characters. Josh identified with 'Count Cappuccino' and Hannah, Sir Toby Belch. Lots of laughs, and some serious playing.
The Globe Theatre
The stage
It seemed obvious that our last Listening Lounge session should be a visit to the Globe Theatre.
a warm day...

So - off we went on the hottest day of the year!  It was an adventure, and a long day, but with Russ at the wheel it was a smooth journey.

a full house
Our seats were in the upper gallery. We had a good view of the play and the musician's gallery and managed a couple of celebrity waves at the drummer.

The play, the music and the atmosphere were completely unforgettable. Lots of humour, with top class musicianship and singing from the cast.

As we drove back west we were treated to a spectacular sunset over Stonehenge and Salisbury plain.

A colourful end to a special day, and a vibrant end to a special piece of work.

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